ACETube® - hydraulic structures

Geotextile Bags, Tubes and Containers

ACETube® - hydraulic structures- High grade fabric with satisfactory strength

Geotextile tube with exceptional high permeability

Good performance on hydraulic construction

Time reduction with cost effectiveness and less laborers required


Geotextile Tubes for Coastal Protection ――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――
ACETube® geotextile tubes are monolithic-tubular containers fabricated by multiple pieces of highly engineered synthetic woven fabrics. In order to form flexible mass-gravity hydraulic structures for coastal protection including seawalls, dunes, breakwaters, groins and revetments, etc., it can be filled with in-situ solids. In general, ACETube® are hydraulically filled with in-situ sand/water slurry by pump, dredger or funnel. During and after the filling process, the water dissipates through the fabric, while the sand can be retained within the geotextile tubes and become the main composition of the structures.






Superior solution for coastal protection

ACETube® geotextile tubes are usually installed at sites with the usage of locally sourced materials, so a great amount of costly materials and transportation works are reduced. Therefore, it is suggested that building hydraulic structures with geotextile tubes be a more efficient, cost-effective and eco-friendly method than using traditional concrete or stones. Moreover, the structures made of geotextile tubes are flexible, so they can offer excellent water current resistance.

High grade fabric with satisfactory strength and exceptionally high permeability

In order to ensure the filling height of the geotextile tubes as part of the structures, they need high tensile strength to bear the pumping pressure and high filtration properties to retain filling particles. ACETube® have a very high tensile strength (up to 300kN/m), exceptionally high permeability and optimal pore sizes with the circumference exceeding 30 meters.

High quality, durability, and cost-effectiveness

Proven by numerous indoor and outdoor tests performed by accredited laboratories, ACETube® geotextile tubes have excellent durability including high resistances to abrasion, ultraviolet light, oxidation, acid, alkali, bio-decomposition and immersion corrosion in seawater. The quality of ACETube® is ensured by the quality control and assurance process certified with ISO 9001. Moreover, ACETube® are relatively lightweight with high tensile strengths than most similar products. ACETube® geotextile tube series are available in different colors (black / tan), dimensions, mechanic and hydraulic characteristics, and fabrication types to meet diverse project engineering needs.

The characteristics of ACETube® ensure the flexibility of design, efficiency of construction, and long-term effectiveness of structures amongst other benefits are proven in hundreds of projects around the world in twenty years. Furthermore, ACE Geosynthetics offers technical supports for design, analysis and installation of ACETube® to fulfill customer’s requirements. The benefits of using ACETube® are summarized as below:

• High quality and durability to ensure long-term effectiveness of structures
• High mechanical and filtration performance to enhance usage efficiency
• Environmentally friendly with less carbon emission
• Easy handling and installation to reduce construction time and costs
• Cost-effective

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