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ACEGrid® GDP- PP geogrids with high modulus, junction and connection strength fabricated through extrusion, punching and drawing

Biaxial PP geogrid with low elongation and creep performance and resistance against chemicals

High quality and durability for Base Reinforcement and Subgrade Stabilization


Extruded Biaxial PP Geogrids for Base Reinforcement and Subgrade Stabilization

ACEGrid® GDP are integrally formed biaxial geogrids made of polypropylene (PP) through extrusion, punching and drawing. ACEGrid® GDP geogrids can carry high tensile loads applied in both longitudinal and transverse directions with superior stiffness and junction strength for reinforcement applications, including pave or unpaved road construction, railway improvement and soft soil stabilization.





Good solution for ground stabilization

ACEGrid® GDP geogrids have very high modulus, which makes the geogrids have extremely low elongation and creep performance. In comparison to woven geogrids, the formation of ACEGrid® GDP makes them have higher product integrity with uniform and stable open apertures to improve the interlocking between the rigid square ribs and soil. Additionally, ACEGrid® GDP geogrids can have higher junction strength and connection strength, which are also beneficial to performing the functions of confinement and reinforcement.

High quality and durability

The material of ACEGrid® GDP geogrids, polypropylene, has excellent resistance against chemicals including acid and alkali, which are normally contained in soils. The integral formation of ACEGrid® GDP geogrids strengthens its ability to resist installation damage. Through the quality assurance process certified with ISO 9001, ACEGrid® GDP are provided with high quality to all customers.

For decades, biaxial geogrids have been used widely for road construction in the world, and have shown their benefits in extending service life of road , increasing bearing capacity, and reducing base thickness and construction costs. The benefits of using ACEGrid® GDP include:

 Increase bearing capacity of road structure to extend service life (or maintenance intervals)
 Strengthen road base layers to withstand risks such as over high or intense wheel loads, differential settlements and earthquakes, etc.
 Reduce base thickness to reduce costs


【Brochures】ACEGrid® GDP&GDE Product Brochure

【Data Sheets】ACEGrid® GDP Biaxial PP Geogrid TDS

【Papers】The Comparison and Analysis of International Tensile Test Methods and Results

ACEGrid® GDP&GDE Product Brochure

ACEGrid® GDP Biaxial PP Geogrid TDS

The Comparison and Analysis of International Tensile Test Methods and Results

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