Geotextile Bags, Tubes and Containers

ACEContainer™- PP woven monolithic geotextile with high strength and permeability

Geotextile container with resistance against abrasion, UV, chemicals and immersion corrosion

Applicable to underwater structure construction, land reclamation and dredging

Marine construction projects with environmental friendliness and cost effectiveness


Geotextile Containers Fitting in Split Barge for Marine Structure Construction, Land Reclamation, and Dredging
ACEContainer™ are monolithic geotextile containers designed to fit in split barge and pour in sediment sand or other ground materials to form a bulk for constructing hydraulic structures, filling holes or dredging. When the geotextile containers are filled to a desired depth of the split barge hopper, and then they are sealed and ready to be dumped to the targeted position through the barge tugging.






Smart solution for underwater structure construction, land reclamation and dredging

The volume of ACEContainer™ matches up to the hopper of barge which can exceed 200m³. With the use of ACEContainer™, a great amount of loosely or lightly cohesive materials can be effectively and efficiently contained, moved, and dumped into (deep) water area without polluting the surrounding water body (ocean or river) at the dumping location. In some cases, ACEContainer™ geotextile containers are filled with dredged materials and deposited to build coastal protection facilities; two jobs are accomplished by one thing without considerable costly materials, transportation and installation works.

Strong and durable

ACEContainer™ geotextile containers are made of high-strength and highly permeable woven geotextiles with experienced seaming techniques. An internal lining of nonwoven geotextile can be added to trap extremely small particles. With multiple-anti-rupture product design, the safety of disposing ACEContainer™ can be enhanced. The fabrics used for fabricating ACEContainer™ have excellent durability including high resistances to abrasion, ultraviolet light, oxidation, acid, alkali, bio-decomposition and immersion corrosion in seawater,proven by numerous indoor and outdoor tests performed by accredited laboratories.

From product design, fabrication to installation suggestion, ACE Geosynthetics can support you all for ACEContainer™. The benefits of using ACEContainer™ are summarized as below:

 Deliver high performance and achieves rapid and effective solutions for hydraulic works when compared to traditional techniques
 Environmentally friendly with less pollution and carbon emission


Environmental Protection

Marine and Coastal Structures Construction

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