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Erosion and Sediment Control

ACECell™- HDPE geocell with high stiffness and dimensional stability

Perforated geocells with either smooth or textured surface

Widely used in erosion control, slope stabilization and road construction

Convenient for installation with less time and cost in construction


HDPE Geocells (Cellular Confinement System) for Soil Stabilization

ACECell™ are geocells with three-dimensional structures to confine filling materials to stabilize soils/ aggregate sand to enhance structural stability. ACECell™ geocells are made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) material with high stiffness and dimensional stability.


Surface erosion control

Surface erosion control




Different types for different project requirements

ACECell™ geocells can be produced with or without perforation in the shape of oval or round. The amount of perforations is also changeable according to project requirements. Moreover, ACECell™ are offered with two types of surface, which are smooth and textured.


Economic solution for many geotechnical applications

ACECell™ geocells are widely used in the applications of erosion control, slope stabilization and road construction as a confinement system. With the geocell, in-situ soil is possible to be used to replace aggregates. Because ACECell™ geocells are lightweight and can be folded and unfolded easily, it is very convenient for installation and delivery.

The benefits of using ACECell™ are summarized as below:

 Simple and rapid installation to reduce construction time and costs
 Reduce the usage of costly materials to save money
 Forms can be customized to apply to diverse project requirements
 Environmentally friendly with less carbon emission


【Brochures】ACECell™ Product Brochure

【Data Sheets】ACECell™ W-2 Geocell TDS

【Data Sheets】ACECell™ W-1 Geocell TDS

ACECell™ Product Brochure

ACECell™ W-2 Geocell TDS

ACECell™ W-1 Geocell TDS

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