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Taiwan | 2005-2009

Slope Surface Protection, Keelung, Taiwan


Application: Slope Stabilization, Slope Erosion Control


Keelung is a densely populated city and surrounded by the mountains; therefore, a majority of the residential districts are built on the slope. Daching community in Keelung with the population of 7,000 people only accessed to external by an 8-meters-width road, so the residents concerned that it could be inconvenient and perilous if any disasteroccurred. Wherefore, Keelung governmentwas requested to propose to construct another road passing through a hill so as to enhance the convenienceof transportation.

Problem / Task

With the proposed construction of building another road passing through the hill, it is crucial to stabilize the slope by way of stable and sustainable construction method.

Solution/ Design & Construction

Considering to the budget issue and the good geological condition, the contractor used benching open-cut for the road section across the hill. The gradient of excavated slope is 20 to 40 degrees with 40 meters high. The slope surface was placed a layer of ACECellTM HDPE geocells and filled up the soil mixed with plant growing medium for vegetation. The soil nails were installed subsequentlyto the placement of ACECellTM geocells to improve the stabilization the slope; a series of ditcheswere installed for surface water drainage as well.


So far, the slope is still in a stable and strong condition and plants grow well and dense to make the slope looklike a real natural hill.

Slope Stabilization

Slope Stabilization

ACE offers a variety of geosynthetic products and combinations that minimize slope erosion and boost soil stability. Our quick and reliable earth stabilization...

Slope Erosion Control

Slope Erosion Control

As rain impacts the ground surface, raindrops displace topsoil, exposing roots and the foundations of structures which can critically destabilize slopes. Enhanc...

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