Riverbank and Channel Protection

Levees and Dikes

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Levees or Dikes are applied to protect the safety of people and surroundings against flooding. Stacked ACETube® geotextile tubes or wrapped ACEGrid® geogrid reinforced soil structures enhance the core of natural or man-made river embankments. ACETex® geotextiles further stabilize and reinforce soft soil conditions often encountered in embankment foundations. The highly permeable ACE geosynthetic materials simultaneously reduce the pore water pressure and wear on artificial river embankments enhancing the longevity of these flood mitigating structures.

Related Case Studies

Dike Renovation, Taijang National Park, Tainan, Taiwan

Taiwan | 2010-2014
Products:ACEGrid® GG
Application:Levees and Dikes

Riverbank Erosion Control,Zhuoshui River, Changhua, Taiwan

Taiwan | 2015-
Products:ACETube® - hydraulic structures, ACEFormer™
Application:Levees and Dikes, Revetments, Wing Dams / Groynes, Pier Scour Protection System

The Multifunctional Uses of ACEBag™ for Dredged Soil Containment and Cofferdam Construction, Nantou, Taiwan

Taiwan | 2010-2014
Application:Sediment Dredging, Levees and Dikes

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