ACEGrid® GG- PET woven geogrid with high tensile strength

Woven geogrid with high durability and low creep performance

Widely applied for reinforced structure

Soil reinforcement with greening aesthetics


Flexible Woven PET Geogrids for Soil Reinforcement ――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――
ACEGrid® GG are flexible woven geogrids fabricated with high molecular weight and low-creep polyester (PET) yarns which provide a wide range of tensile strength for different soil reinforcement applications. The ultimate tensile strength of ACEGrid® GG uniaxial geogrids can range from 20 kN/m to 1000 kN/m, and those of ACEGrid® GG biaxial geogrids, from 20 kN/m to 300 kN/m.




Exceptionally high tensile strength characteristics at low levels of strain and anti-creep performance among PET woven geogrids

The polyester yarns used for producing ACEGrid® GG geogrids have very high tenacity with premium quality. Additionally, with the expertise of manufacturing geogrid, the tensile strength of the geogrids at low strain is developed at large. Thus, these high-strength geogrids have very low elongation and excellent anti-creep performance.

Outstanding Long-Term Design Strength (LTDS) proven by numerous tests from accredited laboratories and product certifications

ACEGrid® GG geogrids are uniformly coated with protective non-toxic substances to enhance the overall resistances to abrasion, ultraviolet, weathering, acid, alkali, bio-decomposition, and other possible external conditions that may affect the product performance. The geogrids are highly stable and durable against UV light and weathering (proven in both lab and outdoor tests). Along with good resistance to creep, chemicals, and installation damage, ACEGrid® GG geogrids are provided with remarkable LTDS in the global market.

Highly cost effective for diverse project needs

ACEGrid® GG geogrids have optimal grid structures to accommodate different sizes of soil particles. Customized fabrication is allowable for tensile and junction strength, aperture sizes, coatings, width (up to 5 m) and length for different project requirements. With the backup of great production capacity and more than 20 years' manufacturing experience, the quality and cost effectiveness can be ensured at the same time.

Over the past decade, ACEGrid® GG geogrids have been proven to successfully installed as a reinforced earth structural material around the world in thousands of civil and transportation engineering projects, such as reinforced (steep) slope, retaining wall, subgrade and foundation stabilization, dike, embankment, bridge pier, abutment, etc. The reputation of the product was built on high customer satisfaction. ACEGrid® GG should be considered your primary choice for the long-term safety of civil structures for being a highly reliable product. The benefits of choosing ACEGrid® GG are summarized as below:

• High quality and Long-term durability to ensure structure service life
• High mechanical performance to avoid damage during construction
• Simple and quick installation to reduce construction time and costs
• High cost effectiveness



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