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Riverbank and Channel Protection

Wing Dams / Groynes

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Alteration of turbulent currents and modification of riverside habitats are achieved by installing ACETube® geotextile tubes perpendicular to riverbanks that form groynes. These flexible groyne structures, withstanding the uneven landform, alter flow direction and decrease flow velocities which restrains lateral erosion. The trapped sediment extends and maintains the river banks.

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Riverbank Erosion Control, Zhuoshui River, Changhua, Taiwan

Riverbank Erosion Control, Zhuoshui River, Changhua, Taiwan

Taiwan | 2015-2019
Products:ACETube® - hydraulic structures, ACEFormer™
Application:Levees and Dikes, Revetments, Wing Dams / Groynes, Pier Scour Protection System

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