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Erosion and Sediment Control

ACENail™ SD- High corrosion-resistant double- layers soil nail

Slope protection and vegetation greening

Repair and reconstruction of an existing retaining wall

Perfectly apply with geosynthetic materials

Match with portable drilling rigs for tight spaces engineering


High-strength Corrosion-resistant Hollow Bar Soil Nail

ACENail™ SD is a high corrosion-resistant soil nail that is composed of fully threaded double-layered hollow bar, ring connection nut, bearing nut, bearing plate, and drill bit. Its typical length is 50 cm, but it can be cut or extended using additional couplers to meet the client or engineering needs.
To provide the best protection, geosynthetic materials such as geotextile, geogrid, and geomat must be securely fastened to ensure firm contact with the ground surface. ACENail™ SD is a durable, sturdy fastener developed by ACE geosynthetics specifically to safeguard the security of geosynthetic materials on slopes or ground.
It is a self-drilling nailing system that combines the works of drilling, grouting, and bonding as an integrated supporting system for slope protection. It greatly reduces the time of installation and the cost of construction compared with traditional soil nails or rock bolts. ACENail™ SD can be installed using a portable drilling rig at almost any difficult terrain such as steep slopes, averting the limitation of construction locations.
ACENail™ SD has a double-layer configuration. The inner part is made of carbon-steel and the outer ring is coated with a layer of noncorrosive aluminum alloy. It is lighter than the traditional rebar, and it presents a better service life if it compares with soil nails with hollow-system bars. As drilling in progress, ACENail™ SD is capable of keeping the air and water circulation that increases the toughness of the product while grouting. Once ACENail™ SD has been well grouted, its fully threaded double-sided hollow bar will present excellent bonding to support the need for slope stabilization.







• High efficiency: ACENail™ SD sets drilling, grouting and bonding as a whole, which helps to save construction time, especially suiting for the projects with urgent period and great difficulty.
• Easy construction: The system can be used on any difficult terrain using a portable rig.
• Excellent durability: Double-layers structure enhances corrosion resistance and durability.
• Strong adaptability: Its length can be cut or extended using additional couplers at any section according to different construction conditions.
• Good bonding effect: Fully threaded double-layered hollow bar presents excellent bonding to support the need for slope stabilization.
Alleviate difficult construction: ACENail™ SD makes up the deficiency of traditional technology for weak stratum, which is difficult to insert soil nail and easy to collapse.


【Brochures】Geosynthetic Solutions in the Mining Industry

【Brochures】ACENail™ SD Product Brochure

Geosynthetic Solutions in the Mining Industry

ACENail™ SD Product Brochure

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