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ACE Geosynthetics regards itself not only a manufacturer but also a solution provider. Any suggestion related to construction is willing to be offered if customers propose requirements. Before the construction, we can provide the suggestions of construction equipment specification and quantity, and help search for or recommend equipment supplier or even provide the modification of equipment. Furthermore, we can also provide construction plans or construction drawings to customers. Premised on the complete preparation, experienced engineers from ACE Geosynthetics will go to construction sites to instruct construction methods and techniques to customer; as for supervision, we are able to offer construction supervision focal points. During the construction, if the design needs to alter, we can send our personnel to assist in survey and provide the revised design. In addition to the above services which enable projects to be completed successfully in terms of both economic efficiency and quality, ACE provides these services with long-term vision, so that the construction techniques of geosynthetic materials could be gradually developed and localized all over the world.

If you have any construction support service required, please feel free to contact us, and we will promptly respond to you. More information about construction support will be provided soon below this page, and classified into different geosynthetics application categories on the website for reading and searching.

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