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A High-demanding Engineering Revetment for Severely Eroded Irrawaddy Riverbank in Myanmar


Irrawaddy River is the largest and most vital commercial waterway in Myanmar where many villages have taken place along its stream; however, the same villages are threatened by inundations every year’s rainy season. Following the flood, the residents find themselves forced to relocate after their dear homeland is attacked again. A stable home and livelihood have seemed as an out of reach dream for the local residents. In order to rebuild the broken riverbank and improve the horrendous living environment, Myanmar government had to look for a permanent solution.

The slope to protect in this project is located in a vortices area, where erosion holes with different sizes and locations exist. The location is not the only disruption for a protection project to take place; a very steep and long slope, deep water level, intensive erosion, time pressure and tight budget were other constraints to account for as well. After careful assessment, the government side by side with the local contractor, introduced the ACEFormer™, geotextile mattresses to fill with cement mortar, to form a rigid protection against erosion.

The ACEFormer™ enhances the overall structure’s stability and erosion control. Prior to laying the mattresses, a ground leveling is firstly indispensable, followed by anchoring the mattresses by inserting steel bars into the soil. From design to installation, our team is concerned with each and every single step. ACE successfully assisted the local contractor from structure design, to manufacturing customized mattresses to laying and filling the last one of them. The ACEFormer™ stood still and remained intact after the first rainy season upon the project completion. The effectiveness of the new structure brought relief to both officials and locals as relocating is not needed anymore, and residing beside the river can be safe from now on. An impossible mission in people’s eyes was just accomplished. For the full case, click to learn more.



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Case Studies

1. Sludge Dewatering in a Sewage Treatment Plant, Lithuania
  • Type: Dewatering treatment
  • Product: ACETube® dewatering system
2. Organic Sludge Treatment in a Coffee Factory, South America
  • Type: Dewatering treatment
  • Product: ACETube® dewatering system
3. Shoreline Protection, Ada Foah, Ghana
  • Type: Revetments
  • Product: ACEFormer™, ACETex® PP, ACETube® hydraulic structures
4. Riverbank Erosion Protection, Belawan, Indonesia
  • Type: Revetments
  • Product: ACEFormer™
5. Roadbed Widening Project in Pingtung County, Taiwan
  • Type: Slope erosion control
  • Product: ACEMat™ R
6. Dredging Work at Wujia Port, Taiwan
  • Type: Sediment dredging, Cofferdams
  • Product: ACETube® dewatering system, ACEFormer™, ACETex® PP, ACETube® hydraulic structures


ACE Solutions in Hydraulic Engineering
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Technical Doc

The following guidelines display the major installation steps and notices for the right utilization of ACE products; files are offered online, for reference, for our dear members only.
  1. Installation Guideline for Submerged ACETube®
  2. Installation Guideline for Geosynthetic Basal Reinforcement
  3. Installation Guideline for ACETube® Sludge Dewatering
  4. Installation Guideline for ACETube®
  5. Installation Guideline for ACEMat™ R
  6. Installation Guideline for ACEFormer™
  7. Installation Guideline for ACECurtain™
  8. Installation Guideline for ACEContainer™
  9. Installation Guideline for ACEBag™
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