Upgrading Unstable Ground Prone to Subsidence

Insufficient water resource is a long-existing problem in many regions in the world, so that people are forced to explore more water resources. One of the common water resources is groundwater; however, excessively pumping groundwater leads to more problems such as poor soils, land subsidence and overloading from architectures above the ground. To prevent these disasters, it is suggested to restore groundwater to the normal water level yet it would take a long time and high cost to accomplish. Applying geosynthetic products will be able to resolve the problems above by stabilizing the poor soils and increasing the bearing capacity of the ground.

Here is the real case in Mexico City using ACEGrid® geogrids and ACETex® geotextiles for upgrading unstable ground prone to subsidence.

Upgrading Unstable Ground Prone to Subsidence

Project Background & Challenges
As a result of excessive pumping of groundwater from the aquifers beneath Texcoco, Mexico City, the earth gradually subsides. Without reinforcement and stabilization of the ground, additional loading from buildings and other infrastructures accelerate the sinking that occurs. This issue is critical in ensuring the safety and stabilization of the new government offices adjacent to the highly anticipated Mexico City New International Airport. In order to provide a long term, and economical solution for preventing the eminent settlement of the offices, a combination of ACEGrid® and ACETex® geosynthetic materials were applied to resolve this case.

ACE Solution
Integrating ACETex® geotextile for separation of weak stratum from stable homogeneous limestone, tepetate, stratum and ACEGrid® geogrids for reinforcement and stabilization results in the optimum pairing for the dissipation of building loads, reduction of the occurrence of subsidence and ultimately extend the stability of the base platform for the offices. Geosynthetics segue the construction of stable foundations for low maintenance, lifelong infrastructure by boosting the tensile strength properties and elastic characteristics of poor soils. ACETex® and ACEGrid® provide an effortless and cost-effective countermeasure for land preparation and development.

Product: ACEGrid® GG, ACETex® NW
Solution: Basal Reinforcement

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