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Airport Coastal Protection, Kinmen, Taiwan


Kinmen Airport is the main airport in Kinmen County (a group of the offshore islands on the west side of Taiwan). The construction of a coastal airport requires to do shore protection project adjacent to the sea to averting endangering the safety of takeoff and landing airplanes.

The original design of the riprap revetment is adjacent to the sea; however, its structure is broken and lost protection because of the long-term scrubbing of the toe of the embankment by wave attack. Considering the safety of the airport, the designer proposed to place ACETube® in front of the new riprap revetment to resist wave impact and reduce erosion.
This case is shown in the figure below. First, ACETube® and geotextile laying process is carried out. After completion, a riprap revetment is constructed in the direction of the airport runway. The retaining wall, built at the top of the revetment near the stopway, makes the protection function of the revetment stronger.

Drawing of the design section

The revetment built with four ACETube® is 1868 m long; the size is customized for 31.5 m, 26.5 m, 21.5 m, and 16.5 m according to the needs—length, overlap, and the shape following the coastal line. These biaxial geotextile tubes are made of PP woven fabric with tensile strength (200-II) and 13 m in circumference.


Two years after the completion, the photography shows that ACETube® effectively avoided the damage of the toe of the revetment.



The Benefit to Extend the Roadway Performance Periods
by ACETex® ES720


ACETex® ES are woven geotextiles fabricated with self-developed high tenacity polypropylene yarns and well-designed texture for subgrade stabilization and base reinforcement. It is commonly placed between road base and subgrade. By increasing permeability with appropriate pore sizes, ACETex® ES geotextiles achieve separation and filtration simultaneously to stabilize the structure of the roadway system in the long term. Therefore, to prove the product’s performance, we conduct a test with TBR and BCR design.


Two reinforced functions in the road system are TBR (traffic benefit ratio) and BCR (back course reduction). TBR designs for extension of performance periods; BCR designs for reduction of base or subbase thickness.

This document would focus on the benefit of the TBR design, by involving the concept of LCCA (Life-Cycle Cost Analysis), to estimate the times and the budget of AC pavement rehabilitation could be possible.
In our test, the rehabilitation period of unreinforced flexible pavements includes mill and overlay is 3.5 years. The rehabilitation period with ACETex® ES720 is 5.65 years. If the roadway design life was set as 20 years, we could expect the rehabilitation times would be reduced from 5 times to 3 times.

If the rehabilitation periods were set as 3.5 & 7 years, with the introduction of ACETex ® ES720 in the engineering, the rehabilitation cost can reduce 40 to 50% in figure 1, and the road service life can increase 61% in table 2.

Figure 1.  Saving Ratio of total NPV budget by ACETex® ES720

Table 2. NPV budget for different conditions

This document presents that the improvement with ACETex® ES720 in the roadway system could perform even better at more critical conditions with a shorter rehabilitation period and larger scale of design life. It could be really helpful by lightening the consumed materials, labors, machines, and the inconvenience during installation. For more details, download on ACE official website.



New Product Launch!
ACEAnchorTM T: Good Anchorage Performance for Fixing Geosynthetic Materials

ACEAnchorTM T is an industrial anchor designed for fixing planar geosynthetic material on slopes or ground. The overall appearance of the anchor is a T shape, and the middle bar is the longest part that is used to penetrate deep into the soil. The continuous sectional joint structure and the protruding pyramid on the surface can increase the anti-pullout strength between soil and ACEAnchorTM T to achieve excellent anti-sliding performance. The protrusions at both ends of the industrial anchor are shorter, which can fix the anchor and the position of the geosynthetic material below it after being driven into the soil. By using the ACEAnchorTM T series, geomat, geogrid, and other geosynthetics can be installed and anchored on the slope surface tightly reducing sliding issues.
ACEAnchorTM T includes two shapes of products and three sorts of specifications as the information listed below.

T5(23 cm)/ T7(27.8 cm)
Made of a composite of glass fiber and Polyamide and shaped through the molding process.
T8(50 cm):
Steel pipe with 10mm circumference wrapped Polypropylene and shaped through the molding process. 


  ●     Light weight
  ●     Excellent corrosion resistance
  ●     Superior Resistance to construction impact
  ●     Good anchorage performance



Please refer to the latest uploaded information and files on the official website below, and feel free to contact us for further details.

Case Studies

      1. Airport Coastal Protection, Kinmen, Taiwan
                  ●     Type: Breakwaters    
                  ●     Product: ACETex® NW, ACETube® - hydraulic structures
      2. Cofferdam Construction for Renewable Energy Plan, Taiwan
                  ●     Type: Cofferdam    
                  ●     Product:  ACETube® - hydraulic structures

      1.The Benefit to Extend the Roadway Performance Periods by ACETex® ES720
        2. ACEAnchor™ T Product  Brochure


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