Taiwan | 2010-2014

Reinforced Soil Dike, Class B Waste Landfill Expansion Project, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Products:ACEGrid® GG, ACETex® NW, ACEDrain™ S

Application: Landfill Construction


The capacity of Kaohsiung Class B Waste Landfill has become insufficient due to the increase of population over the years. Therefore, the managing authority issued an immediate project to prompt for an expansion for the facility.

Problem / Task

The landfill construction required to build a new containment system to accommodate future additional refuse. Because the area of the site was very limited, the perimeter dike of the containment must be built as steep as possible.

Solution/ Design & Construction

Based on a careful site evaluation, the in situ silty sand could be utilized as fill material for dike construction. The excavation of existing material also led to an increase in the capacity of the containment. Considering the requirement of service volume, the designer finalized a reinforced earth structure as the perimeter for the containment. ACEGrid® geogrid was adopted as the geogrid reinforcement so as to maintain a steep slope of 1:03 (V:H). Geogrid also provided necessary friction so that geomembrane could be securely fastened on the surface of interior slope as the impermeable liner. Soil-filled and hydro-seeded soil bags were stacked and ACETex® NW nonwoven geotextile were placed for the face protection of exterior slope.


The area of the landfill was about seven hectares and the construction was completed within five months only. The landfill operation has been initiated since January 2011 and by far it functions very well. The vegetation has been displaying pleasant greenery with time and turning into an eco-friendly environment because of the evidence of local species.

Landfill Construction

Landfills typically consists of base barriers, closures and capping. Each stage in the construction of a landfill system can be achieved with ACELiner™ GCL and...

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