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Taiwan | 2015-2019

Sewage and Sludge Dewatering Treatment in the Chuansing Industial park, Taiwan

Products:ACETube® - dewatering system

Application: Sludge Treatment


Sewage and sludge containing heavy metal substances from the waste of dyeing, finishing plants and electroplating plants requires treatment to decrease the volume before disposal. However, with the rapid increasing number of factories, the daily output of sludge generated has doubled compared with the previous year.

Problem / Task

Originally, the treatment factory introduced drying beds where sludge flows into and waits for dehydration. This process takes a longer period and the result is highly dependent on weather condition which makes it hard to set more drying beds because of limited space. Owing to the growing number of factories and shortage of drying beds, it has become inefficient to treat the increasing amount of sludge. Thus, the urgent to seek alternative faster dewatering method.

Solution/ Design & Construction

ACETube® dewatering system offers an effective solution with faster dewatering speed and lower demand for space. Pumping the sludge into ACETube® tube which has outstanding filtration ability allows for efficient separation of solid and liquid thereby reducing the overall sludge volume for easy disposal. The tubes, in this case, are fabricated with ACETex® PP 70/105 kN/m (circumference: 12.9 & 8.6m; Length:10 m). It should also be noted that tubes can be stacked upon each other wherein there is a very limited space availability to considerably increase the volume of sludge treatment.


Successful as it is, ACETube® dewatering system is a solution for the challenging problem. The treatment capacity of using ACETube® (circumference: 12.9m; Length:10 m) per piece reaches the amount of 250 m3. After dewatering for about a month, the water content of a sludge cake was lowered by 85 percent which meets the sludge removal standard in Taiwan.

Sludge Treatment

Sludge Treatment

ACE containment geosynthetics are ideal for sludge treatment procedures. The challenges involved with the management of sludge and waste materials from collecti...

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