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ACETube® - dewatering system

Geotextile Bags, Tubes and Containers

ACETube®- dewatering system- PP woven geotextile tube with high filtration characteristics

Dewatering tube with excellent durability, resistance against abrasion, UV and chemicals

Widely used for sludge dewatering application

Less construction time, cost effectiveness and environmental friendliness


Geotextile Tubes for Sludge Dewatering

ACETube® dewatering tubes are tubular-shaped containers fabricated by multiple pieces of engineered woven fabrics with excellent filtration characteristics. It can be used in various sludge dewatering applications such as municipal and industrial wastewater treatments, mining tailings, agricultural animal waste containments and environmental dredging, etc.









Cost-effective solution for dewatering

In general, sludge is pumped into ACETube® dewatering tubes with or without flocculants depending on the sludge particle sizes. During and after the filling process, the water dissipates through the fabric while the solid particles are retained within the geotextile tubes with low moisture contents. Afterwards, the volume of sludge reduces significantly, and a great deal of removal and disposal works are saved. Moreover, the installation and usage of ACETube® are very cost and time effective.

High sludge treatment capacity

ACETube®, which are made of polypropylene (PP) woven geotextiles with high tensile and seam strength, can contain a large volume of sludge. What’s more, the geotextiles have outstanding permeability and optimal aperture sizes to ensure high solid retention rate and dewatering efficiency simultaneously. In view of the types of treated sludge and flocculants added in, ACETube® dewatering tube series offer various woven structures of composing fabrics to achieve specific filtration properties.

Excellent durability with high quality

ACETube® dewatering tubes have excellent durability including high resistances to abrasion, ultraviolet light, oxidation, acid, alkali and bio-decomposition proven by numerous indoor and outdoor tests performed by accredited laboratories. The quality of ACETube® is ensured by the quality control and assurance process certified with ISO 9001.

Based on more than 15 years’ experience on geotextile manufacturing and fabrication, ACETube® dewatering tubes are available in customized design with high quality and cost effectiveness. Furthermore, ACE Geosynthetics provides technical support, including dewatering system design, facility and product selection, installation and treatment processing to offer optimized solutions to diverse dewatering needs.The benefits of using ACETube® are summarized as below:

Excellent filtration characteristics to enhance processing efficiency
Highly customized solutions provided for best cost-effectiveness
Easy installation and few additional facilities needed to save time and costs
Environmentally friendly with less carbon emission


【Brochures】ACETube® - Dewatering System Product Brochure

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【Brochures】An Overview of ACEGrid®, ACETex®, and ACETube®

【Brochures】ACETube® Product Brochure

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ACETube® - Dewatering System Product Brochure

ACE Solutions in Hydraulic Engineering

An Overview of ACEGrid®, ACETex®, and ACETube®

ACETube® Product Brochure

ACETube® Geotextile Tube TDS

Installation Guideline for ACETube® Sludge Dewatering (Member Only)

Industrial Sludge Dewatering Using Geotextile Tubes

Case Study Collection- All

Case Study Collection- Environmental Protection

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