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ACESandbag™ EC

Erosion and Sediment Control

ACESandbag™ EC- High tensile strength and UV resistance sandbags for erosion control

Integral woven geotextile sandbags with adequate mesh sizes for both retaining soil and enhancing plant growth

Easy handling and convenient installation on site

Durable and economical solution for slope protection

Environmentally friendly solution with fewer materials transportation and for vegetation restoration


Durable Sandbags for Erosion Control

ACESandbag™ EC are poly woven sandbags for forming protection against erosion. The sandbags are easy to handle and can be filled on-site with in-situ soil and stacked along slope facing, riverbanks, or beaches. They can absorb erosive force from rainwater or flowing water and divert water flow to while also preventing underneath materials from being washing away. ACESandbag™ EC also have adequate mesh size to retain filled materials and improve vegetation. They are suitable for the applications in slope erosion control and building wrap-around facing of geogrid reinforced soil structures.


Surface erosion control

Surface erosion control


Excellent and long-term erosion control performance

The tensile strength of ACESandbag™ EC exceeds 10 kN/m which isstrong can resist installation damage and natural erosion. The sandbags also incorporate stabilizers to enhance UV resistance  to bear the degrading process. Besides, ACESandbag™ EC have adequate mesh size, which provides more space for vegetation growing than other woven poly sandbags. The plants grown on the sandbags can slow down surface runoff and hold soil in position as another effective protection for erosion. Moreover, the leaves and stems of these plants can shelter sandbags from the sunlight, resulting in extending their usage life to a longer term.
(If temporary and short-term measures for erosion control are required, ACESandbag™ C series are offered for the needs.)

Convenient to use

ACESandbag™ EC have appropriate sizes, so they can be filled, moved, and stacked by one person. To increase the installation efficiency,  filling equipment and/or machines such as metal box and excavator can be used to speedily fill dozens of sandbags simultaneously. After the filling, tie strings are available on the bags for simple closure.

From bag fabrication, project design consultation to installation suggestion and equipment, ACE Geosynthetics can support you all for ACESandbag™ EC. The benefits of using ACESandbag™ EC are summarized as below:

• Stable erosion control performance to secure long-term safety
• Easy handling and installation to reduce time and costs
• High versatility for diverse applications and environments
• Environmentally friendly with less carbon emission due to less material transportation and vegetation restoration


【Brochures】ACE Solutions in Geotechnical Engineering

【Brochures】ACESandbag™ EC Product Brochure

ACE Solutions in Geotechnical Engineering

ACESandbag™ EC Product Brochure

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