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Landfills typically consists of base barriers, closures and capping. Each stage in the construction of a landfill system can be achieved with ACELiner™ GCL and ACECompo™ materials. The impermeable cover created with ACE’s geosynthetic products bar leachate from seeping into the earth and contaminating untouched groundwater sources thus aiding in the containment of solid waste and the preservation of the natural environment. Mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) berms with ACEGrid® and ACETex® geosynthetics capitalize on vertical airspace to maximize the waste volume dumped at landfills with minimal maintenance. MSE berms are a cost effective, nature-friendly approach with pleasing aesthetics that optimizes refuse capacity and containment at any waste disposal site. Once the landfill attains full capacity, the containment system is sealed with another layer of ACELiner™ GCL or ACEcompo™ then topped off with a soil cover and ACEMat™ to promote vegetation and convert the grounds for other recreational or commercial purposes.

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Reinforced Soil Dike, Class B Waste Landfill Expansion Project, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Reinforced Soil Dike, Class B Waste Landfill Expansion Project, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Taiwan | 2010-2014
Products:ACEGrid® GG, ACETex® NW, ACEDrain™ S
Application:Landfill Construction


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