Use Geotextile Tubes as Submerged Breakwaters to Protect harbor from Coastal Erosion

In the latest ACENewsletter, a case of using geotextile tubes as submerged breakwaters to protect harbor from coastal erosion is introduced.

“We think of humans as being the victims of coastal erosion - we overlook the fact that often they are the cause” said Paul D. Komar, the author of “Coastal Change - Scales of Processes and Dimensions of Problems”.

Besides natural factors like ocean currents or typhoons, the increasing human intervention is also a major factor causing coastlines to change, such as construction of harbors or jetties. Thus many solutions have been tried to prevent coastlines from being further eroded. Installing submerged breakwaters along coastlines is one of the effective methods. Compared to traditional breakwaters with riprap or concrete, submerged breakwaters constructed with geotextile tubes have more advantages including faster construction, lower carbon consumption, lesser environmental impact and lower construction cost. 

For more information about the case, please read the case study: 
Geotextile Tubes as Submerged Breakwaters for Harbor Protection

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