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ACE Geosynthetics: Top Winner of the 2021 International Achievement Awards!

ACE Geosynthetics wins 2021 International Achievement Award (IAA) presented by Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI)—“Best in Category" in geosynthetic projects and “Award of Excellence" in Roadways/Infra-Structure category for Segmental Block Reinforced Structure Applied for the Highway Interchange Project!

It is the second Best in Category and the eighth Award of Excellence we received from IFAI in the recent decade.

Due to the special construction of two-stage MSEWs, it requires the geogrid with ultra-durable characteristics with lower creep, the high tensile strength geotextile was demanded as well. This challenge gives us the opportunity to join the project.

ACE Geosynthetics provides economical and safe solutions for customers, and works with customers to develop new application systems that manage to solve difficult engineering problems. Ace your project with ACE team!


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【Video】The Benefit of Using ACETex® ES720 in Road Construction

ACETex® ES are woven geotextiles fabricated with self-developed high tenacity polypropylene yarns and well-designed texture for subgrade stabilization and base reinforcement. It is commonly placed between road base and subgrade. With high tensile strength (biaxial tensile strengths up to 200 kN/m) and modulus of the geotextile, which provide structural stability and high CBR value, ACETex® ES geotextiles can distribute load uniformly at low elongation to increase the load-carrying capacity of the system. Furthermore, by increasing permeability with appropriate pore sizes, ACETex® ES geotextiles achieve separation and filtration simultaneously to stabilize the structure of the roadway system in the long term. At the time extreme climate becomes more and more common, this product which could move more water while concurrently retaining more soil can be beneficial to the safety of long-lasting engineering structures.
ACETex® ES geotextile series are available in various tensile strengths and hydraulic properties to enhance the safety, reliability, and serviceability of paved and unpaved roadways and meet diverse project engineering needs. More detailed related to the application, please view the video.


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【Video】ACETube® Cofferdam Reclamation Construction

ACETube® geotextile tubes are monolithic-tubular containers fabricated by multiple pieces of highly engineered synthetic woven fabrics. To form flexible mass-gravity hydraulic structures for coastal protection including seawalls, dunes, breakwaters, groins, and revetments, etc., it can be filled with in-situ solids.

In the project, the construction site is in the intertidal zone. To solve the dredging and sedimentation problem, it requires to backfill the sand into the zone near the shoreline. And the area behind the cofferdam was backfilled with dredged sand for future land use. Therefore, PP high-strength woven geotextile is used. The design height of the cofferdam is 5 m, and the final structure section is stacked with 2+1 ACETube®. For the convenience of construction, the bottom ACETube® is filled at low tide. The water-sand ratio of the filling material will be adjusted during the filling operation, which can help the ACETube® to increase structural integrity. In addition, the special handling loops design customized according to the needs of the case can effectively assist the spreading, positioning, and anchoring of ACETube® in the filling process, or to replace for the lack of on-site construction equipment. The temporary cofferdam would be converted into a revetment core in the future, significantly reducing the construction cost and time. Click here to find out how we can support your cofferdam case.

 ACETube® Cofferdam Reclamation Construction


Please refer to the latest uploaded information and files on the official website below, and feel free to contact us for further details.


      1. ACENail™ SD

             ● Type: Erosion and Sediment Control


      1.ACENail™ SD Product Brochure

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