Either woven or nonwoven geotextile, ACE can provide different materials such as PP or PET, and its aperture as well as permeability can be adjusted in the various strengths. Not only the geotextile of ACE can meet your demands of earth engineering, harbor engineering, environmental engineering design applications at once; but also it allows you one-stop shopping by simplifying the process of construction procurement.


Geotextile woven by great strength of polyester (PET) yarns allows resistance high tensile loads.


Geotextile woven by high tenacity polypropylene (PP) offers moderate opening size and permeability.


ACETex® NW is made from either polyester continuous filament yarns by needle punched manufacturing process; or polypropylene staple fiber by needle punched manufacturing process with thermally bonded surface. With small opening size and high permittivity characteristics, it is suitable for filtration or separation which without demands of tensile strength.