Geotextile Container

Processed by either geotextile or geogrid, the container features multi-dimensions, such as small-scale geotextile bag, medium-sized geotextile tube, up to large-scale geotextile container which requires open bottom ship for construction. ACE has taken advantage of product features as well as decades of experience in sewing processing, in order to provide you high quality, high efficiency construction products.


ACETube® is integrated with single or multiple pieces of high-strength and high permeability polypropylene or polyester synthetic fabric and is theoretically applicable to diverse dimensions.

geotube geotextile tube

ACEContainer® is made of high strength and good permeability geotextiles to form a large fabric cell through experienced seaming technique.


ACEBag™ is made of durable synthetic geotextile with adequate opening size, offers high permeability and good resistance to weathering.

A monolithic structure intended to mainly provide support. ACEGeogabion™ utilizes a high-strength synthetic geogrid or geotextile as a form of casting units.