The Geogrid from ACE is a high tension mesh material and its strength reaches from 15kN/m to 800kN/m. Additionally, ACE geogrid can be produced using different resources, such as, PET, PVA, HDPE and glassfiber, then coated with various polymers, asphalt or fire retardant materials in order to approach the design application and durability requirements. Moreover, the aperture size is flexible to be customized which supplies effectiveness to the numerous engineering applications.


Geogrid woven by high strength polyester (PET) yarns with various mesh sizes and specifications.

ACEGrid®FR geogridis woven by high-tenacity, multifilament polyester yarns and coated with Flame Retardant and Anti-Static polymer.

ACEGrid® GV geogridis woven by high-tenacity, multifilament polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) yarns and coated with durable polymer.


ACEGrid®GA geogrid is a kind of reticular structural material made ofglass fiber with bitumen coating. It withstands high and low temperatures.


ACEGrid®GD geogrid made of high molecular polymer (HDPE or PP) through extrusion, forming and punching before longitudinal and lateral stretching.