Geotextile woven by high tenacity polypropylene (PP) offers moderate opening size and permeability.

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ACETex® polypropylene (PP) geotextile produced by the innovative fabric with high tensile strength which our team research and develop for years. The ultimate tensile strength of uni-axial strength can reach to 650kN/m and up to 300kN/m for bi-axial strength. For requirement of durability and UV resistance, the product has small opening size and high permittivity, while providing the function of filtration and separation which no longer need to use nonwoven geotextile. It shows the excellent construction efficiency to reduce time cost while applied to hydraulic project and sludge dewatering project. In addition, its lightweight is also one of the characteristic, it could increase the loading capacity and ,most important of all, it is easy to install and decrease unnecessary labor cost.

Because of the excellent chemical resistance of ACETex® PP, the product is suitable to apply to non-neutral project, such as sludge dewatering or the backfill of soil-cement mixture. One of the characteristic of PP geotextile is hydrolysis resistance so it is suitable to apply to hydraulic project. Surely, having the characteristic of high tensile strength is also suitably apply to soil reinforcement projects.

ACETube® dewatering system on sludge dredging

ACETube® applied in industry slurry dewatering

ACETube® installation process