Geotextile woven by great strength of polyester (PET) yarns allows resistance high tensile loads.

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The structures of ACE Geotextile known as ACETex®, which is woven by high tenacity Polyester yarns. The ultimate tensile strength of polyester geotextile can be reached over 1000kN/m for uni-axial strength and up to 300kN/m x 300kN/m for bi-axial strength.
The great strength of yarns with impressive two-way support allows resistance against extremely high tensile loads. Due to its light weight comparing to traditional materials, using
ACETex® PET offers the advantages of easy construction and cost effective methods. Undoubtedly, the optimum effects can be approached with simple works.
ACETex® PET has moderate opening size and high permeability with innovative weaving structure. It can be widely used for reinforcement, separator, containment and filtration in long term scale.

ACETex® PET is extensively applied for reinforcement structures, such as Mechanical Stability Earth Walls, Reinforced Soil Slope, reinforced embankments, soft foundation improvements and other geotechnical engineering applications for increasing soil shear strength. Furthermore, ACETex® PET has been adopted in construction of roadway and airfields to either increase the life of the pavement or reduce cost. And, ACETex® PET can be fabricated to form a container or bag for hydraulic or environment application.