A monolithic structure intended to mainly provide support. ACEGeogabion™ utilizes a high-strength synthetic geogrid or geotextile as a form of casting units.

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The ACEGeogabion™ is a monolithic structure intended to mainly provide support. ACEGeogabion™ utilizes a high-strength synthetic fabric as a form of high permeable casting units filled with gravel. Mainly used as the protection of river bank or hydraulic structure base, the intensive-pore ACEGeogabion™ is beneficial for its low-elongation and high-durability. ACEGeogabion™ has advantages over more rigid structures because it can conform to ground settlement, dissipate energy from flowing water and drain freely.

The ACEGeogabion™, packed with granular soil, is suitably applied to structure with demand of permeability or high strength fill as below.

 Reinforced Embankment

 Reinforced Wall and Slope

 Dune Reinforcement


 Detached Breakwater

 Reclamation Works

 River Bank Protection

 Pipeline Protection



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