The geotextile mattress made of durable polyester (PET) or polypropylene (PP) geotextile.

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ACEFormer™ is constructed with two layers of high strength woven geotextilesACEFormer™ is suitable for diverse applications. The woven fabric can be either PP or PET material. It is comprised of mortar or concrete filled elements and fabricated in many structures, such as:

Filter Point Type

FP Type is a double layer woven fabric and with many small permeable areas from 25 to 65cm2 to form single layer fabric called “Filter Point”. The Filter Point can release the water pressure beneath ACEFormer™ to increase the stability of the structure. Filled ACEFormer™ with undulating surface can reduce energy of wave or river flow to lower the flow velocity and wave run-up.

Vegetation Type

V Type resembles FP Type ACEFormer™. Its well-distributed filter area formed single permeable fabric with 900cm2 areas which is larger than FP Type; these also can be removed for planting or vegetating purpose. Once the planting complete, the root of plant could firmly grip the soil to stabilize slope and the plant or vegetation increase the coefficient of hydraulic friction to resist the water erosion as well.

L Type
L Type ACEFormer™ is designed to create the discontinuous and foursquare block with about 2,500cm2 areas of L shape filter fabric. Adjacent blocks are merely jointed by multitudinous narrow joints. The aim of the innovative product is to shun the comprehensive failure of unpredictable and serious disaster. The blocks will be an independent one as long as the joints fractured.

T Type
Considering having bigger and heavier independent block for extreme project condition, T Type ACEFormer™ may be an appropriate solution for engineers. The properties, application fields and advantages are equivalent to L Type ACEFormer™ but with bigger block area of 5000cm2. T Type ACEFormer™ is formed by couples of symmetrical T shape filer fabric and will be a rectangular block as long as being filled.

Pipe Type
The Pipe Type ACEFormer™ is the variation of FP type which formed of numerous stripe type filters to divide into the longitude blocks. With larger filters, it dissipates the water pressure cause by wave.
Uniform Section Type
The Uniform Section Type ACEFormer™ provides a continuous protective layer with uniform thickness in the range of 20 to 50cm; can prevent leaching and cause less hydraulic resistance than other types.

ACEFormer™ is mainly applied to slope and river/channel protection engineering as a cover layer which prevents or controls soil erosion, piping, waving, seepage, undermining, scouring, and beautify the environment etc.

 Erosion Control of Slope



 Detached Breakwater

 Reclamation Works

 River Bank Protection

 Channel Lining

 Pipeline Protection

Installation Process of ACEFormer™ for Slope and River Protection


A Collection of the Case Studies for ACETube® , ACEContainer ®, and ACEFormer™