ACEContainer® is made of high strength and good permeability geotextiles to form a large fabric cell through experienced seaming technique.

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ACE Geocontainer known as ACEContainer® is made of numerous panels of high strength ACETex® and commonly filled with sand, sediment or other fillings. When full, ACEContainer® is then stitched up and dumped at an appropriate or projected site. With years of geotextile sewing experience, ACEContainer® is with high seam strength to avoid damage caused by dumping.

ACEContainer® are mainly applied for coastal & river improvements. Additionally,  ACEContainer® can effectively contain and seal contaminated sediment for dredge management solutions. 

 Detached Breakwater
 Reclamation Works
 Pipeline Protection
 Dredging of Sediment

The Installation Process of ACEContainer® for Dredged Sediment Disposal


A Collection of the Case Studies for ACETube® , ACEContainer®, and ACEFormer