Where ACE came from

The origin of ACE Geosynthetics can trace back to 1970’s when agriculture was still a major development in Taiwan. At that time, investment in agricultural nets seemed to be an opportunity, and that’s where the story began – weaving for the earth.

As the time went by, the experience and expertise gained from net weaving not only contributed to high quality agricultural net production, but also pushed the company to become the major supplier with the most market share in Taiwan. Later, with the inspiration and encouragement of customers we started looking into the production of geogrid; finally, ACE Geosynthetics was established in 1996 with the first automatic geogrid production line in Taiwan. And ISO 9001 certification was acquired the following year to demonstrate our quality management.

In order to provide comprehensive solutions and professional services to the various engineering fields, ACE recruited experts from civil, geotechnical, marine, and hydraulic engineering to form a technical service team offering immediate and professional recommendation to both products and applications. This significant step has turned ACE from a traditional manufacturer into a professional solution provider in geosynthetics. ACE further acquired CE Marking, NTPEP certifications and successfully built trust and reputation in the global market.

As the concept of Eco-Engineering and application of geosynthetics became acceptable and popular, the growing market demand pushed ACE to expand its facilities and production range; as a result, the new headquarter and facility were built and operated in 2008.

We started with weaving for the agricultural ground, and we are still taking care of the ground but in a broader and meaningful way. It is ACE’s never changing mission to directly and indirectly protect and restore the Earth’s face from damage with its expertise.