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Reinforced Soil Dike, Class B Waste Landfill Expansion Project, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Taiwan | 2010-2014
Products:ACEGrid® GG, ACETex® NW, ACEDrain™ S
Application:Landfill Construction

Ecological Landscape Park with Function of Flood Detention, Pinglin Forest Park, Taichung, Taiwan

Taiwan | 2015-
Products:ACEMat™ R
Application:Slope Erosion Control

Maple Garden, a Recreational Park with Function of Flood Detention in the City Center, Taichung, Taiwan

Taiwan | 2010-2014
Products:ACEGrid® GG, ACETex® PP
Application:Slope Stabilization ,Slope Erosion Control

Detention Pond under the Shalu Overpass of Freeway No. 3, Taichung, Taiwan

Taiwan | 2015-
Products:ACEGrid® GG, ACEDrain™ S
Application:Slope Stabilization

The Sand Drift Treatment and Land Reclamation Project, Taichung Port, Taichung, Taiwan

Taiwan | 2010-2014
Products:ACETube® - hydraulic structures
Application:Sediment Dredging ,Cofferdams

Dredge and Land Reclamation, Anping Harbor, Tainan, Taiwan

Taiwan | 2015-
Products:ACETube® - dewatering system
Application:Sediment Dredging ,Seawalls and Bulkheads

Industrial Sludge Treatment, Russia

Europe | 2010-2014
Products:ACETube® - dewatering system
Application:Sludge Treatment

Dredged Materials Disposal, Wan Chai Development Phase II Project, Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong

Asia | 2010-2014
Application:Sludge Treatment ,Sediment Dredging

The Multifunctional Uses of ACEBag™ for Dredged Soil Containment and Cofferdam Construction, Nantou, Taiwan

Taiwan | 2010-2014
Application:Sediment Dredging ,Levees and Dikes